Canadians came to know Odd Burger Corp. for its vegan and vegetarian takes on some of fast food’s most popular foods, from the McDonald’s Big Mac to the Burger King Whopper. And, now, fast food aficionados across the United States and Europe will be able to understand the hype. The burger company is taking their creations worldwide, with a huge expansion plan to open 50 locations across the globe. In early December, the company announced the big news, further expanding on the news that it would open 40 restaurants across Ontario.

Get to know Odd Burger Corp.

Odd Burger Corp. was founded in 2014 by James McInnes. His intent, with the restaurant‘s opening, was to disrupt the fast food industry, offering made-from-scratch alternatives to popular menu items. Everything McInnes offers is plant-based, minimally processed and uses sustainable ingredients, and he has seen widespread success across the country since his company’s inception.

The restaurant’s “Famous Burger” debuted at London Ribfest in 2016, and sold out immediately. Then, in 2017, Odd Burger was responsible for launching Canada’s first vegan fast-food restaurant and, six months later, the launch was followed by the world’s first 24-hour vegan drive-thru. Committed to the cause, in 2018, a manufacturing centre came, where research and development take place for Odd Burger Corp.

About the expansion

Odd Burger Corp. already has nine locations across Canada, with the Toronto outpost located at 492 College St. In June, the company announced it would open 40 locations across Ontario. And, now, the expansion is going global, as the company entered into a Letter of Intent with Swiss firm Franchise Investment AG alongside its parent company, Angelpreneur AG. This means that, if approved, 25 franchises in Florida will be developed, as well as 25 more in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. The expansion will take place over the next eight years.

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